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Helping New Zealanders received care with dignity in the community

Welcome to Synergy Care, your trusted community healthcare provider dedicated to helping New Zealanders receive care with dignity at the comfort of your home and community.

We believe New Zealander should have access to a personalized care of their choice, control over their daily schedule, and specialized care services to support their individual needs anytime and anywhere.

Service Areas

Our deep expertise in the areas of health care, and diverse talent enables us to find the right carer for you and your love ones. 

4 Steps to your Personalise Care 

1. Contact us. 
2. We will assist to Personalize your Package of Care.
3. Our team will walk you through the Onboarding process and Introduction to Synergy Care. 
4. Your Journey Starts with Us!

Why Synergy Care?



Our mission is to rebuild the home and community healthcare services through faster accessibility and convenient. 



Our purpose is to provide comprehensive, patient-centred healthcare services that address the physical, emotional, and social needs of our patients.  Our team of highly trained and compassionate healthcare professionals  and support workers provide a holistic care approach to  achieve high standards for the conduct of home and community health services. 


Synergy Care envision a future where New Zealanders receive care with dignity at the comfort of their homes and community. 


Client Centered



Our Values

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