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About us

Synergy Care provides best-in-class, qualified, compassionate and trustworthy in-home care for you and your loves ones that needing home support or the chronically ill, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own home. We are uniquely qualified to provide professional, loving and compassionate support workers.  Synergy Care only acquire talent that  they would want for their own aging loved ones, rehabilitation support and  giving peace of mind to family members who cannot not be there on a 24/7 basis. 

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We provide 

Personalised Home Care

Package of Care

Specialised Support Cares

Temporary and Permanent  Staffing


We have the great advantage of being founded by nurses with a decade of experience and deep understanding of holistic care approach to our clients.

Our advantage

Our model


We aim to be the pioneer of innovation in the primary sector to ensure efficiency of our service.

Training & Development

Our in-house  training and modules will equip our staff to provide holistic care to our clients including their family/whanau. Our innovations and training cover the multicultural workforce, leadership, effective communication, and teamwork. 

Pastoral Care

We also guarantee our team's well being by performing regular one on ones meeting and facilitate constant feedback and communication. 

Culture fit solutions

We partner with our clients  and  staff and we will work closely to match the preference of our client to ensure 100% culture-fit staff, client- centered and retention.


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Abroad Global Charitable Trust Logo. Our alliance with Abroad Global Charitable Trust.

With a Global and Diverse presence Talent Acquisition

We have a global and diverse presence in acquiring talent and our selection process includes scenario-based analysis, strength-based approach interviews, real life scenarios, and financial literacy that will help the healthcare staff focus on what is important, increase productivity and retention. 

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