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Global Mobility


Overseas Talent Recruitment 

Unlocking human potential beyond geographical borders. Recruiting skilled workers from overseas that meet New Zealand industry demand. This is a specialist and licensing program with Latin America through our established networks to provide employment and training opportunities in the healthcare industry in New Zealand.

Through this exclusive program Synergy Care can select from a vetted, trained, and certified database of 10,000 experienced professionals in the health care industry who will satisfy industry demand in New Zealand and other parts of the world. 

Overseas Internship

We have exclusive rights to provide internships and professional practicums for experienced and qualified healthcare graduates from top tier professional institutions from Latin America in New Zealand. Synergy Care offers internships for overseas Healthcare students. We have partnered with overseas Academic institutions to provide students with the opportunity to work on-site in a real-world environment, where they can hone their skills while gaining invaluable experience.

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