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Why we do it

Synergy Care strives to become the pioneering provider of accessible home-based and community care within the New Zealand healthcare sector. This initiative is especially critical amidst the current healthcare crisis, where numerous aged care facilities have been forced to shutter or deemed non-operational, increasing pressure in the healthcare system and worsening shortages of healthcare workforce. Many others face the risk of closure, prompting a significant shift towards community-based care as people seek alternative solutions. 

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 "it costs the Government around $1,700 per day to care for someone in a hospital ward, while a break-even cost of a bed in aged care is just $372. At just 21.8% of the hospital rate, this represents a significant saving for the health sector and country as a whole"




Based on Aged Care Association New Zealand by 2030, we NZ will need 13,200 more aged care beds and 60% of Aged Care facilities don't have a retirement village attached. Synergy Care want to be part of the solution and avoid this daring situation for New Zealand healthcare. 

Something needs to be done

Recognizing the need for action, Synergy Care is committed to being a proactive contributor to the betterment of New Zealanders' lives. Through the provision of home-based and community healthcare services, we aim to bring comfort and well-being to individuals within the familiar surroundings of their homes, all while upholding the values of integrity, passion, trust, and respect.

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