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Specialised healthcare services

Care & Support from experienced healthcare professionals

Specialised Support Care Services

Looking for specialised services and staff?

Registered Nurses and Community Support Worker

Healthcare professionals & Certified Support Workers trained to assist our clients with their activities of daily living, medication, mind-stimulating activities, elder-sitting, and other care tasks.

Psychogeriatric Elderly 
with Dementia

We understand that the family plays a fundamental role in the care of a family member, which is why we offer welfare care services to guarantee the well-being of all members of the family.

Disability &
Palliative Cares

Support plans designed by a multidisciplinary team aimed to cater the unique needs of medically fragile children, those who live with the consequences of injury, and their families.

Orthopedic Special 

Providing support and help with your medication at home, our Synergy Care Certified Support team will be working with you and support your independence in terms of medication.


Helping and supporting your child and young adult to stay well, and ensuring safety while staying at home is our priority. A goal-oriented care plan outlining your care needs will be created and follow-ups to ensure the best support for your familiy.

Wound Cares Medical 
& Surgical

We will help you throughout your recovery journey. Our team provides different levels of care specific to the client's needs. A goal-orientated care plan outlining your care needs will be created and follow-ups to ensure that we can support you as best as we can.


Synergy Care Brochure

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